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How To Fix That Leaky Tap Easily

Posted on 29/08/2013 · Posted in General

How to Fix that Leaky Tap Easily

One of the main causes of unexpected high water bills is a leaky tap. It is important to check your taps regularly for leaks and to repair them as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips for easily fixing your leaky tap:

Step 1: Determine the Type of Tap you have

There are four main types of faucets; the compression tap has two handles that screw in with one for hot and one for cold. The other types are all one with a swivelling arm that swings between temperatures as desired. A ball faucet has a ball bearing, while a cartridge faucet has some type of cartridge and the third type contains a ceramic cylinder. You may have to take the tap apart to determine the type.

Step 2: Turn the Water Off and Plug the Drain

Look under the sink for the shut-off valve for the water and turn the water off before you begin working on the tap. Make sure you plug the drain – there is nothing worse than losing a washer or screw down the drain while you are working!

Step 3: Finding and Fixing the Leak

If you have a compression tap you will first want to remove the handles. Here you will find the stem. Under the stem is the O-ring and seat washer. Typically, it is the seat washer that will need to be replaced. You may need to take the seat washer with you to the store to find a match. Make sure that you use plumber’s grease on it before installation and then put the handles back on and the leaky tap should be fixed.

The other types of taps are a bit trickier to fix, but the steps are similar. You will need to remove the tap and check the parts, which are a little different and may require special tools. Typically, there is a kit you can purchase that will have everything that you need to repair the leaky tap.

If the leak continues, consider calling Andrew Thwaite’s specialist plumbers in Brisbane to get the tap fixed correctly so that you do not end up paying even more for your water bill. You can call them on 0404 787 519.