Electric Hot Water Systems V Solar Hot Water Systems

Posted on 29/07/2013 ยท Posted in General

Electric Hot Water Systems V Solar Hot Water Systems

When it comes to putting in a new hot water system, there are many choices available. Discussing the different options with a plumber in Brisbane, like those at Andrew Thwaite, is a good place to start. Two of the options that may be discussed are electric hot water systems and solar hot water systems. There are pros and cons of each of these types, and here we will explore them in more detail.

Pros and Cons of Solar Hot Water Systems

One of the easiest benefits to see when considering the solar hot water system is that the energy from the sun is used to heat the water for the home, which is immediately going to lower the cost of utility bills for the home. For those that live in warmer climates, this type of energy is extremely efficient and relatively cheap. There are typically incentives available from the government and other agencies that can lower the upfront cost.

One of the biggest cons of the solar hot water system is the initial cost. While there are incentives available, the cost can still be quite high. Another con of this type of hot water heater is that if the home is in a location that does not receive a lot of sunshine, the performance and energy supply may not be as efficient.

Pros and Cons of Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems have the benefit of being relatively inexpensive to install and are also quite energy efficient. In addition, running the hot water system on electricity is fairly safe and if there is a problem the system can simply be unplugged.
One of the main disadvantages of electric hot water systems is that the cost to run this type of system can be expensive. Typically, the cost of electric is higher than gas or solar.
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