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Gas. Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Hot Water.

Natural Gas produces much less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) than electricity to heat the same amount of water. But it’s not available everywhere.

In areas where you can’t get natural gas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is an alternative. But expect to pay about one-and-a-half to three times as much as for natural gas or electricity.

When you step into a steaming hot shower or sink into a tub of bubbles, you are enjoying one of the benefits of having a Gas Hot Water System. You probably do not think about your hot Water System – unless it stops working. However, learning how your Gas Hot Water System works will help you to better maintain its operation.

A properly maintained Gas Hot Water System has a longer lifespan than one that is neglected. Instead of having to invest in a new Gas Hot Water System every few years, you can save your money for other things.

Gas Hot Water Systems are one of the most economical and effective Hot Water systems available. ATGP provide repair, maintenance and can supply and install your new Gas Hot Water System in your home or commercial premises.

There are a number of different configurations to choose from and we have the experience to asisst you in choosing the best Gas Hot water System for your families or business or commercial premises.

  • Gas Storage – Mains Pressure Hot Water
  • Continuous Flow – Hot water that never runs out

ATGP maintains, repairs and supplies and installs Gas Got Water Systems from the major leading brands of Gas Hot Water Systems – Aqua Max, Bosch, Dux, Rinnai, Rheem, Vulcan. Call us on 0404 787 519 to discuss your Gas Hot Water Needs today.

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