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Electric. Which Hot Water is Best for You?

Electric water heaters that can heat water at any time of day are by far the most expensive option. Off-peak electric (which heat only when tariffs are lower) and gas systems have similar costs, depending on the tariffs you have to pay.

New limits on Electric Hot Water Systems

For many people, replacing an old electric hot water system with a similar model is no longer an option. Standard electric systems produce around four tonnes of greenhouse gases per year (on average) – similar to an average sized car, and around three times as much as gas or solar HWS. To reduce this environmental impact, government regulations now limit the installation of electric HWS:

  • Electric HWS can’t be installed in any new detached, terrace or town house, or any such existing property where there is access to piped natural gas (some exemptions apply).
  • From 2012, this will apply to all existing detached, terrace or town houses.

You don’t need to replace a working electric HWS, but if you own a detached, terrace or town house, and it currently has an electric HWS, you need to consider a gas, solar or electric heat pump for your next replacement. Electric HWS are still available for apartments and other homes where gas, solar or heat pump systems aren’t feasible.

For more articles on saving energy, see EnergyCHOICE or check out the new government regulations on Electric Hot Water Systems.

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